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To provide temporary accommodations for veterans, military personnel and their families while the veteran is receiving medical attention at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System.

Have you ever heard the old adage, “Family is the best medicine?” Well, there seems to be truth to that statement. It has been proven that having family nearby greatly benefits patients battling illness or injury. Did you know that not only is there a direct correlation between the family proximity and the length of time a patient spends in the hospital but the frequency of readmission also decreases when family members closely participate in the recovery process. Imagine how shorter stays in the hospital and less frequent re-admissions benefit not only the individual patient but also how it allows more veterans to be treated annually.

The VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System located in Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan, is the second highest rated VA hospital in the country according to USA today. The VAAAHS serves more than 4,500 (?) veteran inpatients annually from all over Michigan as well as northwest Ohio and Northern Indiana. Ann Arbor is a busy, bustling university town—with that comes expensive nightly accommodations especially on football weekends. Not all visitors to Ann Arbor can afford our hotel rates. The VAAAHS currently receives 200-300 requests for housing by Michigan veterans and their families per month. The cost to the VAAAHS to honor those requests at local hotels is over $500,000/year. And that is why Fisher House Michigan is essential to serve our 640,000 Michigan veterans and their families.

Real Impact


There are over 640,000 veterans in Michigan. We are the largest state without a Fisher House.


Fisher House Michigan will provide 5,840 nights of free lodging to family members annually.


Savings to veterans, military families and caregivers will exceed $500,000 per year.


200-300 Michigan veterans and their families currently request housing every month at the VAAHS.